Sunday, November 10, 2013

Starting On The Path

No one ever asked me "Why do you want to be a Landscape Architect?" In a recent conversation with a family member I said why and without them asking. In this article I will discuss and tell you why I want to be a Landscape Architect. 

Let me ask you these questions first though: 
  • How often have you seen someone drop or throw things on the ground? 
  • Have you ever ignored the idea of picking up what some dropped or threw on the ground, done this yourself, and have you when seeing it been annoyed and/or been displeased by it? 
  • Do you think recycling is good? 
  • Do you enjoy going outdoors and being with nature? 

Many of you will answer each of these questions with things like;
  1. Yes/No, I have/haven't seen this often. 
  2. Yes/No, I don't/do ignore it. Yes/No I have/haven't done this myself. Yes/No, I do/don't get annoyed and displeased. 
  3. I do/don't think recycling is good. and 
  4. Yes/No, I do/don't enjoy going outdoors and being with nature. I don't mind how you answered these questions, I like to hear honest opinions. 

I don't want to destroy the earth I want to make it better in all honesty. Wouldn't it be great to tell someone or a parent of a child this here was made by recyclable things and it's complete sanitary of course. It'd be fantastic! I want to create and design beautiful places that will catch people's attention and make those whom don't pay attention to the world around them realize how amazing living here on Earth is! Living here is a privilege that none of us should take for granted. Please take this into deep consideration.

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